✎ JRM Words

How do you do?

Hello, I'm Joe. I’m a freelance reporter, sometimes a copywriter. I also edit, proofread and translate English and French text. I sell these services as JRM Words.


As a journalist I report on issues and events of all kinds, anything that makes up the human experience. I regularly contribute to Ottawa Magazine, Carleton Now, Mountain Life, Exclaim!, Ottawa Business Journal, and CBC Arts. My work has also appeared in The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Showbox, Herd Magazine, Wolfgang's Tonic, Career Options, The Overtone, Damn Magazine, Quill & Quire, and Capital.


As a commercial writer I work for clients who want to better promote their projects or to simplify complicated but essential messages. I ghostwrite articles of persuasion and help businesses communicate with their target audiences.


·Copy editing

Subjects, to name a few:
·The natural world & us
·Industrial innovation
·Fish, frogs, fowl
·Cancer research
·Comics, literature
·Greenhouse gardening
·Sustainable community
·Snow culture and sport
·Folk, jazz, hip-hop, rock, weird & chamber
·Entrepreneurial gusto
·Bernese mountain dogs

Capucine, le Bouvier bernois.